Defending Christianity in 10 mins

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You exist. Don’t you? Are you an intelligent mind or a bag of meat moved around by chemical reactions? 

Do you have intent? Do you set goals, have a purpose, have a will? Or are you much like the leaves of a tree as the wind blows driven by chemical processes alone? 

The world came about by chance, the life permitting conditions on earth came about by chance, the first cell came about by chance, how do you know your thinking is not driven by the same chance dependant chemical processes? Should we take what you say seriously?

You feel there’s a sense of right and wrong. It feels very real much like the existence of physical objects. Child abuse, rape, torture are really wrong. If these help you survive are they wrong? How do morals which transcend the material world exist when the physical world is all there is? If lying helps with survival of the fittest how is it wrong? What about killing off people who aren’t healthy or well and won’t promote survival of the best of the human species? What makes you think human life has any worth anyway? You’re chemicals much like skin on the bottom of your foot which eventually dries out and dies. Chemicals are chemicals how are some more morally valuable than others when all there is is chemicals? Is value and meaning an illusion? If you’re all chemicals and came about by chance they probably are illusions. 

Why is love such a good thing when it means being selfless and potentially even limiting your own chance of survival to help someone else? How could dying for someone less fortunate or less physically capable than you be a loving or valuable thing to do in a world of survival of the fittest? 

You see the world spinning. You see life permitting proportions of water and different chemicals, the earth a reasonable distance from the sun. Your cells contain remarkable amounts of information. Information which comes from chance not intelligence. Precision which comes from chance not a designer according to skeptics. 

The universe itself. It began. Science which assumes rules of logic which transcend matter and the idea that the world is rationally intelligible illustrate that the universe began. If the world is an accident the idea it could be rationally intelligible is misleading and illusory. Why is there something rather than nothing? Is it more likely the universe popped into being out of nothing or that God is the explanation? God by nature is uncreated and outside of time. To try and disprove God exists using science you must assume the principle of uniformity, the world is rationally intelligible and that transcendant rules of logic apply but if the material world is all there is and things came about by chance how can these possibly be rational assumptions to make? Besides, you are interested in survival not truth, if believing a lie helps you survive how can it be wrong from an evolutionary perspective? Survival and truth are totally different concepts. 

Who is Jesus? His existence is attested by Roman and Greek sources. We have 43 non biblical sources attesting Jesus’ existence within 150 years of His life. The New Testament is the best attested work in ancient history. Skeptics such as Gerd Ludermann and Bart Ehrman consider Jesus’ death on a cross indisputable and one of the best attested facts in ancient history and these aren’t people who believe the Bible is God’s word. The empty tomb is well attested using historical criteria, so is the disciples’ belief they had experiences of a risen Jesus despite all the plaguing doubt which would make them feel otherwise and so is the growth of Christianity on the back of the belief of the disciples. You don’t need to be believe the Bible is God’s Word to accept those facts. 

 Who rolled the stone? Would the disciples steal a body, lie about it on purpose and get killed for preaching about Jesus? What sort of a sick game would that be. Why die for something you are willingly lying about? Why couldn’t the Romans of the Jews show Jesus’ body if they had taken it or if the tomb was still occupied? How could they be hallucinating if they weren’t expecting it, hundreds of people claimed to have appearances and the tomb was empty? A carpenter with fisherman followers who overtook the world by being crucified and getting their heads cut off. Let that sink in. 

How could Christianity grow through the most obscene and vicious persecution and tyranny from the Romans when it only started with a few fishermen? They weren’t warriors or kings or elites or professors or people previously highly regarded in society. Jesus plays a prominent role in many world religions including Islam and Mormonism. Why? Who did Jesus say He was? Even atheistic scholars accept Jesus called Himself the Son of Man. He was charged with blasphemy in Mark 14:60-64 for calling Himself this and claiming He had corulership with God the Father. The Son of Man from Daniel 7 comes in the clouds which only God does in the Old Testament and has power, wisdom and glory only attributable to God. Who do you say Jesus is? 

The existence of rational minds, the innate sense of purpose and value in human life, scientific principles which assume the world is rationally intelligible, objective moral values, a universe which began to exist and seems finely tuned, a man claiming to be a divine ruler who changed the course of history with a miraculous event. You’re imperfect. You can’t find perfection in yourself. A dirty cloth cannot clean itself. A broken tool cannot fix itself. Have you thought about Christianity? 

“If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

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